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Texting still drives the majority of communication in industries like real estate and construction. However, the default messaging app that comes with your phone is optimized for your personal needs, not your business.

Most businesses require texting multiple individuals to accomplish a specific task. Unlike a group chat, these messages shouldn't be shared with everyone involved.

This is where Workthreads comes in. We’re embracing text messaging and making it better. And no—your contacts don't have to sign up on a portal, install an app or do anything. It’s literally just texting to them.

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Consolidate related contacts into a single place

Workthreads helps you organize your contacts and messages contextually. Gone are the days when you had to manually look up all relevant contacts for X.

A dedicated line for your business

Most people use their personal numbers to message their business contacts. Create a dedicated number to separate personal and business needs. In addition to text messages, you can make inbound and outbound voice calls.

Privacy and security

We take privacy and security seriously. Messages are encrypted and transmitted using a secure channel.

Use cases

  • Property managers
  • Real estate agents
  • Contractors
  • and more

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